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Steel welding & steel supplies in Kempsey


North Coast Steel is a family-run business, offering reliable steel services, products and trailer repair services to clients throughout the Kempsey area. A business with nearly two decades of history in the area, North Coast Steel recently went through a change in ownership. The company runs better than ever, offering quality products and exceptional services to residential, commercial and industrial clients in the region.
If you are seeking steel supplies, fencing materials, trailer supplies or related tools, you have come to the right place. We have items ranging from bolts and axles to beams and pipes to welding rods and wires. Whatever you need—we carry it. If the item you require is not in stock, we can order it for you through our reputable suppliers.
Steel Fabrication
North Coast Steel offers steel fabrication services in the Kempsey and Port Macquarie areas. We can work closely with contractors, residential customers and industrial clients to ensure the precise results you are seeking.
Steel Supplies
North Coast Steel sells beams and columns, commercial portals and structures, stairs and gates, steel for building applications, rods and beams, bolts and axles and much more.
Welding & Supplies
North Coast Steel offers reliable steel welding services to clients in the area. We can weld any steel structure or accessory to your liking. We also provide welding accessories for enthusiasts and contractors alike. We sell welding helmets, replacement parts, gloves, welding wire and MIG welders.
Trailer Repairs & Supplies
Are you looking for a new trailer or replacement parts for your existing model? North Coast Steel specialises in trailer repairs and supplies, ensuring that your trailer is looking and functioning correctly in no time!
Perspex Supplies
Specific projects call for glass alternatives such as acrylic. North Coast Steel can sell Perspex and related supplies. We cut perspex to size, ensuring you have access to the best quality acrylic on the market.


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